The Underrepresented Graduate and Professional Students Organization at IUPUI

I joined UPnGO in the summer of 2017, a semester after it was revived by Dr. Hardy. I was elected as the Vice-President of the organization soon starting Fall of 2017.
The goal of UPnGO has always been to empower anyone who feels underrepresented, to provide resources, network and support throughout their graduate school journey. After a successful networking event and seminars on doing better at graduate school, we were also featured in the schools diversity magazine – Embrace, Winter 2018 Edition.

UPnGO also organized a workshop about managing money while in graduate school, along with call-out meetings and networking socials. In Spring 2018, when I was the acting president of the organization, we applied for the Welcoming Campus Innovation Grant under the leadership and guidance of our advisor, and earned the $24000 grant. This grant has helped us plan out several on campus seminars, workshops and events starting Summer 2018.

  • UPnGO organized the “Mid-Day Mentoring Dialogues” series with the IUPUI Graduate Mentoring Center – a mentoring dialogue series that focuses on initiating important conversations between mentors and mentees about expectations, communications, perspectives and independence. This series began in summer of 2018 and will be conducted through Fall 2018.
  • UPnGO is also expecting to host several hundreds of graduate students on campus at the IUPUI Graduate & Professional Student Mixer in August.
  • UPnGO has planned another series “Getting YOU Through Graduate School”, a multi seminar series starting Fall 2018 and continuing through Spring 2019.

Joining UPnGO has helped me take leadership roles effectively throughout my graduate school experience, while teaching me important management skills. I’ve been able to improve greatly on my people and organizing skills only because I had the opportunity to serve the organization in one of the leadership positions. I’m excited about all that we have planned for the next semester and the things UPnGO will be achieving even after I graduate.

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