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In January of 2018, I started working as Graduate Office Assistant at the IUPUI Graduate Office.

This is what I have been doing here since then:

GU2IUPUI: Getting You into IUPUI is a multi-day graduate and professional student development institute available for prospective applicants from underrepresented and under-served backgrounds who have a demonstrated interest in pursuing doctoral or masters degrees at IUPUI.

GU2IUPUI 2018 took place from April 3, 2018 to April 7, 2018. Some of the things I did for this were to:

  • Create required signage in print and digital formats
  • Communicate with applicants, vendors and departmental units
  • Use technologies such as Qualtrics to track applications
  • Manage applicant data while adhering to university policies
  • Organize Airport pick-ups
  • Greet guests when they arrive – Serve as a point of contact for applicants travelling from all over the USA
  • Prepare arrival hampers and create informational materials for the attendees

We wrote countless emails and worked with at least 10 other IUPUI departments, student organizations and vendors to make this event a success. We created a Facebook page for the event after this and it can be found here. I will be managing this page till I graduate. Me and Dr. Hardy also created an amazing itinerary to show the attendees around downtown Indy. I like to think they loved it. Several students returned to the campus as researchers in Summer 2018.

This is my favorite picture from the event:

My favorite picture from GU2IUPUI

PFFP: Preparing Future Faculty and Professionals (PFFP) engages current IUPUI graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in a full range of career options, responsibilities, and mentoring in academic and non-academic careers through year round programming which includes the annual fall “Pathways” Conference.

  • Work with the program director to co-ordinate suitable programming through out the year
  • Organize PFFP Canvas course site with information about seminars
  • Create Newsletters and distribute them through the listserv
  • Create seminar RSVPs and evaluations using Qualtrics
  • Manage applicants information and follow through their graduation from the program
  • Design Flyers adhering to IU branding policies
  • Distribute and market event information through various platforms – print and digital
  • Organize events, book rooms, day-of event management

Writing Group: The graduate student writing group serves as an accountability and encouragement partner for graduate students to help them achieve their writing goals.

  • Conduct weekly Writing Group sessions
  • Create, organize and maintain Canvas course
  • Convey Weekly Writing Resource and encourage students to work on improving their writing skills
  • Student engagement for continued attendance

Pathways Conference (Scheduled for November 30, 2018)

 (I’m excited about it already)


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